Laser Tag Arenas without the cartoons, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

At Art-FX Studios, we take pride in creating the industry’s most immersive themed laser tag environments. When we hear the word “immersive”, our team of artists believe it means true-to-life Hollywood quality set designs with theme park levels of detail.

Laser Tag is a mainstay of local family entertainment.

Let us help you deliver a guest experience beyond expectations and amaze your customers for decades to come. When most are doing things the same way, it’s time to change the game to deliver an experience that is truly memorable!


It all starts with an idea. If you aren’t exactly sure what you’re wanting, we’re happy to share some ideas we have brewing and work with you to create a multi-dimensional themed experience.


We’re tired of seeing cookie-cutter Laser Tag Arenas so we decided to create atmospheres that use interactive elements with a barrage of themed barricades, 3D Wall Murals, Black Light Murals, and 3D Props to keep players challenged throughout their experience.


Starting with our set of drawings, we can provide structurally stamped drawings or coordinate details with your architect, general contractor, electrician, fire marshal and provide updates on when the attraction will arrive via dedicated shipment.


The installation is a beautiful thing to see come to life and, to us, feels like Christmas morning or the first time visiting Disney World or the first time you heard the Rolling Stones, every time.


Our interactive props and elements can interface with any laser tag manufacturer’s equipment in the industry and we’re just a click or call away to help you through the adventure each step of the way.

“Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am with the laser tag arena. Your artistic abilities and professionalism exceeded my expectations by miles.”

— Dave Kerschner, Crazy Pinz