Meet the Team

Our team boasts some of the industry’s finest woodworkers, painters, sculptors, welders, engineers, and installers who all work together to create exceptional designs for family entertainment and theme parks everywhere.

Our Values

Integrity First
We like to get a good night’s rest and insist there is no opportunity worth sacrificing your integrity to achieve. We commit to getting things done the right way, even when it isn’t the easiest way.
Servant’s Approach
We are dedicated to treating others the way we like to be treated and believe it is always appropriate to take the high road. We practice this on a daily basis and do not settle for anything less.
Innovator’s Spirit
We enjoy looking at the world through a lens of possibility. Our team is comprised of some of the most creative minds we’ve come across who are driven everyday by their playful spirit.
Owner’s Attitude
We are committed to getting things done the right way even when it isn’t the easiest way. With a solutions oriented approach, everyone on the team can make a difference. We approach business as if everyone we work with is not only our partner, but also our friend.
Playful Nature
We’re all in the entertainment industry because we’re kids at heart. We don’t simply remember the dreams of our childhood but instead we bring them to reality. It comes full circle when we get to see people smile as they enjoy the experiences we create.

Magic happens within the walls of our 12,000 square foot shop located just South of Tallahassee, Florida.

You dream it, we’ll make it. Our team consists of world-class artists who specialize in sculpting, woodworking, print making, set designing, various types of painting, structural engineering and more.

Our Founder

Among the many different subjects Keith Padgett paintings are his splendid landscapes. A native of Florida, Keith is well known for his landscape paintings depicting the land of his birth. He began painting these pristine places deep in the swamps and woodlands of coastal North Florida fearing they would not always remain unspoiled. Keith’s paintings evoke a sense of fascination and tranquility reflecting his personal experience. Keith captures the infinite beauty he sees in these mysterious places through his unwavering attention to detail and use of unusual color to establish a unique sense of light and atmosphere. Keith Padgett began his artistic pursuits as a teenager in Perry, Florida. Unique among his family and friends in his love of art and music, he began his formal art training under the direction of Jules de Romand Bacot, a continued source of inspiration and friendship.After working for Busch Entertainment, Keith formed his own company Art-FX Studios, which has become internationally recognized artistic design firm offering creative design and artistic services since 1985.

We invite you take a see some of Keith’s fine art collection.

Interested in joining the Art-FX Studios team?
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